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Mine Hound Training. Duration: 04 - 06 Mar 2024 (3 Days)


Aim. The course aimed at Mine detecting techniques and using Minehound VMR model equipment.


  • The VMR3 "Minehound" dual-sensor detector is internationally proven. It is ideal for the simultaneous detection of metal and metal-free objects. This is a decisive advantage e.g. for the detection of IEDs.
  • Two different audio signals help the user distinguish between the ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and metal detector (MD). The MD provides a simple alarm while the GPR supplies acoustic information on the depth and dimension of the object. Based on the settings, the audio signals are visually supported by the LED display.
  • The VMR3 is also characterized by its mechanical features: The use of carbon and glass fibre-reinforced plastic makes it extremely rugged and durable.
  • It meets high standards for military mine clearance and humanitarian demining.