To impart specialized multifaceted training to national and multinational military, police and civilian participants on peace operations in accordance with current international standards through research, education and professional programmes.


To promote global peace and security as an international Centre of Excellence.


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United Nations Military Observers’ Course (UNMOC)-23 Duration: 18 Aug – 05 Sep 2024 (03 Weeks)


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Aim of the Course. To prepare selected military officers to undertake
responsibilities as a Military Observer in UN Peace Operations (UNPO).


The objectives of the course are as follows:
a. Develop understanding on the basic principles, guidelines, policies, roles and
responsibilities of UN PO.

b. Align the participants with the core issues related to UN structure, functioning,
management, core values and competencies, and overview of mandated tasks
including cross-cutting thematic issues in UNPO.
c. Perform UN Military Observers’ functions in an effective, professional and
integrated manner.
d. Practice UNMO’s Mission Specific Task such as; organize a Team Site Base,
interest based negotiation, establishing and functioning an OP, organize and conduct
a patrol, ground level investigation, crater analysis and manage a crisis/hostile
situation following reporting procedure to Higher HQs.

United Nations Logistics Officers’ Course (UNLOG)-25 Duration: 18 – 29 Aug 2024

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To prepare officers to undertake assignments as Logistic Staff Officers in on-going and future UN Peacekeeping Operations.


The course deals explicitly with UN logistics procedures & challenges in field operations including national preparations for deployment to such operations. The course will meet current standards of performance established by the UN and include best practices from training being conducted by other peacekeeping nations. Considering the responsibility of a logistician at tactical & operational level working in the mission area the key objectives of the course are:
a. Orient the participants with the UN and mission structure, UN logistics management including responsibilities of UN HQs, Mission HQs and TCC.
b. Familiarize the participants on the operational and logistic principles and procedures in UN peace operation (UNPO).
c. Make participants familiarized with various UN inspections, COE system, reimbursement policy, liaison and negotiation.
d. Prepare participants to understand cooperation within the HQ staffs, and between the military logistics staff and UN civilian logistics staffs.
e. Develop adequate knowledge among participants on UN Logistics, UN Supply, and UN Movement Control Systems to perform as logistic officers in contingent and logistic staffs at different levels in UNPO.
f. Be able to analyze & address logistic issues related to Protection of Civilian, Women, Peace & Security, Human Rights etc in multidimensional peace operations.

United Nations Military Peace Keeping Intelligence (UNMPKI)-3 course Duration: 04 – 14 Aug 2024

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This course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and expertise according to the new UNMPKI training materials to perform as potential Military Intelligence Staff Officers appointed to serve at the Force (U2), Sector (G2) and Battalion (S2) levels in UN peace operations.

Training Outcome:

An overview of expected medium to long term effects of this activity is as follows:
a. The participants are expected to gather huge new learning and experience as they have the opportunities to exchange their ideas and views with other participants and facilitators.
b. The participants will have better connectivity (among themselves) to discuss/share their experience/views/ideas in the future days which will improve their knowledge and skills.
c. The participants will be able to deliver the same training materials to their Armed Forces Officers with a view to preparing them for U2/G2/S2 assignment in mission area.
d. The participants are expected to improve the training material as and when required and when new lessons and experiences are available.
e. The participants will be able to perform (who will be rostered in ITS) as facilitator in delivering the same to other Member States.
f. The participants who will be trained on the training material by these qualified trainers/facilitators in their home country, they will be able to perform more effectively as Intelligence Staff Officers in the mission area.
g. The UN Intelligence activities and its effectiveness will be enhanced and more productive in the mission area.