To impart specialized multifaceted training to national and multinational military, police and civilian participants on peace operations in accordance with current international standards through research, education and professional programmes.


To promote global peace and security as an international Centre of Excellence.


12th AGM and WORKSHOP AAPTC-2024

In the framework of the UN conceptual objectives referring to the execution of measures for cooperation in peacekeeping education and training, Association of Asia-Pacific Peace Operations Training Centers in short AAPTC is created to promote better efficiency and efficacy in the preparation of personnel appointed for UN operations. The AAPTC is an entity conformed with the centers and government institutions of the Asia-Pacific region in partnership with Global Peace Operation Initiative dedicated mainly to train and educate members of national armed forces, security forces and civilian personnel appointed to participate in peace keeping operation under UN mandate.    

          Since inception in 2011, BIPSOT has been performing the role of Secretariat of AAPTC and holds the general meeting annually. Importantly, this is the first time Bangladesh is hosting the event-12th AGM and Workshop from 27 May to 30 May.

          47 Overseas Participants including UN Headquarters and 22 local participants joined this year’s AGM and workshop. On 27 May, opening ceremony was held and Respected Chief of Army Staff of Bangladesh Army graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. In the speech he expressed his belief that all representatives of AAPTC member countries would make valuable experience away from the meeting. Inauguration of simulation training “UN POST” during this year’s AAPTC,  greatly enhanced capacity building efforts and readiness initiative of BIPSOT for various complex situations encountered in peace missions and humanitarian operations,

          Themed “"Development of multi-dimensional peacekeeping training

modules with the use of new technologies to deal with the evolving

asymmetric threats"- the four-day event achieved all the goals and requirements as planned.

          For the first time, a key note speech was introduced in this annual conference which generated lot of interests among the participants. Subsequently, two different members and observers groups shared their views in the sub theme discussions. Member and observer countries of this association presented their respective training updates in the 2nd day of conference. There were also Commandants and Instructors breakout sessions to regulate commitments and resources to meet the UN’s requirements. There was an exclusive session for other regional association as well.

          On 29 May, overseas participants were exposed to observe the ‘International Day of UN peacekeepers’ at Dhaka.  As part of cultural tour, visit of Bangobondhu Military Museum also offered a fascinating glimpse of Bangladesh's proud Liberation War and modernization of armed forces. Besides, there was a stunning cultural evening showcasing rich heritage of Bangladesh last evening.

          Besides, Annual General Meeting held today prioritized the common strategies and plans to promote initiatives and capacity building measures.

          With the aim of establishing the peace in the world -today this conference is going to end. Through all these successful events for last four days, the 12th AGM and Workshop of AAPTC has created a premise for AAPTC member countries to re-establish their collective working methods towards a common goal and is found to be an ideal occasion to open up new relationships and strengthen cooperation among its members and observers. 

Visit of Peruvian Delegation Team on 6 May 2024

Enhancing Bilateral Cooperation: Recap of Exercise Tiger Lightning-2024

Exercise Tiger Lightning-2024 was conducted between Bangladesh Army and US Army Pacific Command (USARPAC) from 21 April 2024 to 02 May 2024. The main objective of the exercise was to further strengthen the existing camaraderie between the Armed Forces of the two friendly countries by enhancing mutual understanding and operational capabilities. The exercise was organized with the objective of making the participants capable of making accurate assessment of the evolving situation in peacekeeping missions, formulating effective plans and adopting measures to deal with contingencies.

During the two-week exercise (21 April - 02 May 2024), special training was conducted on the US Army's Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) and the United Nations Military Planning Process (MPP) in preparation for the command post exercise. In addition, joint training and exchange of experiences on Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) was also organized for the members of both the armies.

Through the exchange of knowledge and expertise among Subject Matter Experts from both countries, all training conducted will play a significant role in enhancing the effectiveness of future peacekeeping operations, thereby fostering greater success.

Lieutenant General Waqar-uz-Zaman, OSP, SGP, psc, respected Chief of General Staff, Bangladesh Army was the Chief Guest at the closing ceremony of Exercise Tiger Lightning-2024.Speaking at the closing ceremony, the chief guest said, "Bangladesh Army is working in unison with fellow friendly countries to ensure regional peace and stability, besides making effective contribution to the establishment of global peace. The U. S. military is one of our closest partners  in this effort”. He hoped that Exercise Tiger Lightning will play a strong role in enhancing mutual understanding between the armies of the two countries and will help in expanding the scope of cooperation in the future. At the end, the chief guest thanked BIPOST and all concerned, including the US Army Pacific Command and the 25 Infantry Division, for successfully executing the exercise with grace and efficiency.

As a special guest at the closing ceremony, Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Long of the US Army Pacific Command (USARPAC) gave his valuable speech. "The contribution and continuous success of the Bangladesh Armed Forces in UN peacekeeping missions is truly commendable. We were impressed by the quality and professionalism of the training of Bangladesh Army personnel in this exercise.

The closing ceremony was also addressed by Commandant, BIPOST Major General Md Nasim Parvez, BSP, ndc, afwc, psc. He thanked all the members of the US and Bangladesh Army participating in the exercise for completing the exercise with efficiency and sincerity.


EX TIGER LIGHTNING (TL)-2024 Duration: 21-30 April 2024 (02 Weeks)

Ex Tiger Lightning is a USARPAC bi-lateral ‘Theatre Support Campaign Program’ with BD Army. 1st & 2nd Ex Tiger Lightning were held in the USA in 2017 and 2021 respectively and 3rd & 4th Ex TL were held in BIPSOT in 2022 and 2023 respectively

Aim: To exchange TTPs and to enhance inter-operability between BD and US Army in regards to UN Peace Operations


  • Improvement bilateral readiness, cooperation and inter-operation
  • Exchange knowledge & development staff planning proficiency of US and BD Staff Officers as a two Battalion Headquarters during peace operations.
  • Exercise Mission Command of a combine Battalion Headquarters by leveraging technical in a UN Peace Operations environment
  • Exchange staff and organize
  • TTPs Conduct deliberate planning, improvement cultural understanding, promote professional relationships & senior leader engagement
  • USARPAC bi-lateral ‘Theatre Support Campaign Program’ with BD Army





Visit of UNMAS delegation team on 11 Mar 2024