To impart specialized multifaceted training to national and multinational military, police and civilian participants on peace operations in accordance with current international standards through research, education and professional programmes.


To promote global peace and security as an international Centre of Excellence.


Pre Deployment Training (PDT) - 105 will be held from 06-07-14 to 24-06014

MINUSCA & MONUSCO মিশনে মোতায়েনের জন্য নির্বাচিত সদস্যদের প্রশিক্ষণ প্রদানের উদ্দেশ্যে বিপসট কর্তৃক ০৬ জুলাই হতে ২৪ জুলাই ২০১৪ তারিখ পর্যন্ত তিন সপ্তাহ মেয়াদী BANBAT-1, MINUSCA এবং ০৬ জুলাই হতে ১৭ জুলাই ২০১৪ তারিখ পর্যন্ত দুই সপ্তাহ মেয়াদী BANMED-1, MINUSCA Ges BAN HQ SP & SIG Coy/10, BANMP/10, MONUSCO এর প্রাক-মোতায়েন প্রশিক্ষণ (পিডিটি)-১০৫ পরিচালিত হবে।

Joining Instruction of PDT - 105 (Bangla).doc

Student Pers Data Form PDT - 105 (Bangla).doc



United Nations Civil Military Coordination Officers' Course (UNCIMIC)-7 from 31 Jan to 11 Feb 2016

Bangladesh Army with the direct assistance of Office of Defence Cooperation (ODC), US Embassy in Dhaka organized UNCIMIC under GPOI program for the Bangladesh Armed Forces personnel, Bangladesh Police and foreign personnel. 15 x Bangladesh Army, 03 x Bangladesh Navy, 03 x Bangladesh Air Force & 02 x Bangladesh Police and overseas (as per GPOI vac) officers participated in the course. The course conducted at BIPSOT by GPOI and BIPSOT Instructors with effect from 31 January 2016 to 11 February 2016.

Joining Instruction of UNCIMIC-7.doc


French Language Course-6

French Language Course-6 from 06-04-2014 to 26-06-2014

UNITED NATIONS STAFF OFFICERS’ COURSE (UNSOC)-12 from 01 February through 19 February 2015.

Bangladesh Institute of Peace Support Operation Training (BIPSOT) regularly conducts the United Nations Staff Officers’ Course (UNSOC) for the potential Staff Officers from home and abroad in order to prepare efficient staff officers to discharge responsibilities effectually in a UN peacekeeping mission. The 12th UNSOC is scheduled from 01 February through 19 February 2015. A team of Subject Matter Expert Instructors with deliberate knowledge and experience in UN assignments are dedicated for conducting the course.

Joining Instruction of UNSOC-12

UN Logistic Officers’ Course-9

The course was conducted at BIPSOT in two phases: 1st phase (e-learning) conducted at online from 25 May to 05 June 2014 and 2nd phase (In house learning) held at BIPSOT from 15 June to 26 June 2014.