To impart specialized multifaceted training to national and multinational military, police and civilian participants on peace operations in accordance with current international standards through research, education and professional programmes.


To promote global peace and security as an international Centre of Excellence.


Training of Trainers on Protection of Civilian-5 From 09 Apr to 13 April 2017

The purpose of this joining instruction is to provide pre-arrival information to you or a member of your organization who has been selected to attend the training being conducted at this institute. These joining instructions will provide the pertinent information to enable the delivery of the training in the most efficient way, and should make your stay comfortable, coupled with a highly professional learning environment.

Joining Instruction of POC-5.doc


IHL Course-1/2016’ from 20 - 24 November 2016

‘Training of Trainers (ToT) on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Course-1/2016’ conducted at BIPSOT from 20-24 November 2016. The course jointly organized by BIPSOT and International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Dhaka.

Aim of the Course. To teach the important aspects of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) focusing at the issues that are related to armed conflicts, Protection of Civilian (POC), internal security and activities that would possibly be encountered during United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (UN PKO).

Joining Instruction of IHL Course-1.doc



Bangladesh Army with the assistance of Office of Defence Cooperation (ODC), US Embassy in Dhaka is going to organize United Nations Civil-Military Coordination Course (UNCIMIC)-8 under Global Peace Operation Initiative (GPOI) program. The course will be conducted at BIPSOT by both GPOI and BIPSOT instructors from 30 July 2017 to 10 August 2017. Total 16 Bangladeshi officers’ (08 x Bangladesh Army, 03 x Bangladesh Navy, 03 x Bangladesh Air Force, and 02 x Bangladesh Police) along with overseas participants as per GPOI vacancies are likely to join the course.


Joining Instruction of UNCIMIC-8

Mine Action Course (MAC)-2 successfully conducted at BIPSOT from 28 June to 02 July 2015.

General. Mine Action Course (MAC)-2 conducted at BIPSOT from 28 June to 02 July 2015. The subject course was jointly organized by BIPSOT and Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).

Aim of the Course. To introduce Humanitarian Mine Action to trainers assigned to train for peacekeeping operations.

Joining Instruction of Mine Action Course (MAC)-2.doc


International Humanitarian Law (IHL)-2

Training of Trainers’ (ToT) Course on International Humanitarian Law (IHL)-2/2014’ conducted at BIPSOT from 12-16 Oct 2014.

 Joining Instruction of IHL-2