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United Nations Military Peace Keeping Intelligence (UNMPKI)-3 course Duration: 04 – 14 Aug 2024

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This course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and expertise according to the new UNMPKI training materials to perform as potential Military Intelligence Staff Officers appointed to serve at the Force (U2), Sector (G2) and Battalion (S2) levels in UN peace operations.

Training Outcome:

An overview of expected medium to long term effects of this activity is as follows:
a. The participants are expected to gather huge new learning and experience as they have the opportunities to exchange their ideas and views with other participants and facilitators.
b. The participants will have better connectivity (among themselves) to discuss/share their experience/views/ideas in the future days which will improve their knowledge and skills.
c. The participants will be able to deliver the same training materials to their Armed Forces Officers with a view to preparing them for U2/G2/S2 assignment in mission area.
d. The participants are expected to improve the training material as and when required and when new lessons and experiences are available.
e. The participants will be able to perform (who will be rostered in ITS) as facilitator in delivering the same to other Member States.
f. The participants who will be trained on the training material by these qualified trainers/facilitators in their home country, they will be able to perform more effectively as Intelligence Staff Officers in the mission area.
g. The UN Intelligence activities and its effectiveness will be enhanced and more productive in the mission area.