To impart specialized multifaceted training to national and multinational military, police and civilian participants on peace operations in accordance with current international standards through research, education and professional programmes.


To promote global peace and security as an international Centre of Excellence.


Joining Information

Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Course (DDRC)-3 from 30 July 2017- 10 Aug 2017

Course Details

    Aim. To train the prospective DDR professionals on the principles, procedures and practices involved in planning, coordination and conduct of DDR programs with a view to enhance capacity and effectiveness to perform in UN peace keeping operation.

  Objectives.  After successful completion of the course the participants will be able to:

 a. Understand the concepts, policies and strategies related to DDR.

 b. Identify various DDR participants, beneficiaries, partners, their activities and issues.

 c. Understand DDR environments, contexts and challenges.

 d. Conceptualize as to how DDR programs are planned and implemented.

 e. Comprehend the vulnerability and sensibility of different groups in DDR.

 f. Understand the cross-cutting issues involved in DDR.